The Old Barn


The Old Barn
This looks like an old, broken down shack!
But in reality, at least to me, it speaks of love.❤
In the year of 1976, my family and I moved to a house located in the country in MN.
We typically lived in the suburbs but this time we moved in to the country.
This move brought the chance for us to own horses 🐎 ❤.
A dream of my Dad and me.
And so my Dad, from scratch, hard-work, and love, created this barn. He is not a carpenter! But he made a solid barn that would house two adult horses and one colt or filly.
And so soon after, my Dad and I walked a couple of miles to purchase our first two horses. We walked home with our new Appaloosa mare and her filly at her side.
This barn, through the years, has kept our Appaloosa horses safe from the elements. (Hail, rain, tornadoes winds, snow, etc.)
It also kept our horses safe from poachers mistakenly identifying our horses as deer at night.
My Dad and I bred, rode, trained, and showed in horse shows our beautiful Appaloosa horses.
Appaloosa horses are known for their extreme coat colorings (spots all over the rump and or the whole body.)
They are sure-footed on Trail rides. A plus if you're riding next to a cliff!

So when you look at an old, worn down building, instead of seeing the raggedness, imagine the loving story behind the building. Hold your memories of the love you shared.

Next time you see the elderly people in your life, remember this story. Give your time and listen.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
April 22, 2021


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