Pay Attention!


Pay attention to your body!

What is your body telling you right this moment?  With a gentle focus, slowly scan your body for any pain, aches, off feelings, etc.

If you find an area, just accept it and allow it to be there.

Our bodies are our barometers in life.  They tell us how we are doing physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  If we are not harmonious, they will let us know.

I know when I was young, many kids playing sports (athletes) complained of a painful leg, ankle, etc.  The coach would push the athlete into taking Aspirin and/or use some sort of Heat rub so they could  continue on playing/practicing. "Does that sound familiar?  

In this day and age, I see us doing that with everything!  When something is not right, we take a pill, alcohol, or smoke.  We continue to cover up with  band-aids (my thought).  Band-aids will not heal it, but they make it feel better so we can continue  on with .what we want to do.

 If our bodies have pain, it means we have an injury that needs REST, ice/heat, and gentle stretching.  If the injury does not get rest, it gradually turns into a major injury.  Thus, we end up in the hospital with an operation.

What about weight gain???  What does that tell us?  Why did we gain weight?

Stress eating? Stress drinking?  Eating low quality foods such as chips, sweets, etc.? Self-esteem? Overeating?  Or could it be the new drug we were prescribed?

So the weight gain maybe a tell sign of  too much stress.  Take action on this.  Your body is telling you to release stress before medical problems happen. Learn how to handle stress better. 

 Learn how to lose the weight better and keep it off.  No fad diet will do it.  Just hard work on your part.  Don't just push it under the rug.  This is your health we're talking about.

 If you're overeating- why?  Are you not paying attention to the full feeling in your gut and stopping?  Are you taking too much food because you enjoy the food?  Fear?  Stress?  Feeling lonely?  Feeling sad?  Self-esteem?

It's up to you to figure out why.  And then act on it.  Change what you need to change.

Our physical bodies are very intelligent.  They know when something is not right-  out of harmony.

Pay attention to your body!

Do you know if you're under stress?  How do you feel?

Anxious?  Tension?  Exhausted?  Can't sleep?

Pay attention.

If your body is telling you to slow down in your daily habits, listen to it.

I write this because there are many people who do not listen to their bodies.  Their bodies are ignored and/or neglected.  Again, I've seen how we were taught this as children from authority figures and our peers. (athletes)

In Reiki, I am able to pick up on blocked energy in your energy field.  This is the first sign that something needs to be attended to, by YOU.  These blockages are negative emotions and negative thoughts.  The Reiki energy and your Higher Self breaks apart emotional blockages.  Helping to create a harmonious You again.

You may not know when your energy is blocked, especially if you don't see a Reiki practitioner, but you will know when things need to be attended to when your physical body starts to talk to you.  Listen to it.  Understand what it is trying to tell you.  Then take action to help it heal.  If you feel pain in an area, see if you can place focus on the pain and allow it.  Then ask it if there is an emotion involved with this pain.  Keep your mind empty and allow your intuition to tell you.  The pain maybe related to some traumatic event that happened to you when you were young.  

To heal something, we need to look at the root and go from there.  

To help yourself heal, start by looking at:  What you eat.  Your exercise.  Your sleep patterns.  Your ways to deal with stress.  Your habits.  Your work patterns.  Look at your thoughts about these areas as well.  Etc.

These are all areas that YOU can help yourself to heal.  If ignored, consequences occurs.  Typically more pain and more health problems.

A while ago, I had a ligament injury around my knee.  I basically ignored it.  I knew about it, but I still tried to run, exercise, and do stuff.  I did not want to stop exercising or doing what I wanted to do.  I was trying to be careful, but it wasn't enough.

Slowly, my injury became worse.  So bad, that I could not walk normally.  I was feeling a lot of pain and discomfort.  I gave myself Reiki here and there to help with the pain and to heal faster.  

Problem was, I kept re-injuring it by simply doing everyday stuff.  At this point, I was getting nervous I'd have to have an operation.

But instead, I started to do what I had needed to do early on.  REST it.  I backed off of exercise for a long while.  I bought myself a knee brace that actually totally supported, even if I exercised. I looked into the pain for emotional blockages.  When the pain went away, I slowly, very slowly stretched it and started to strengthen it again.

I continued on giving myself Reiki.  Slowly, but surely I healed.  And so instead of taking 6 weeks to heal if I had listened to my body,  it took me 1 year and 4 months to heal.  A lot of extra pain, worry, and time lost due to not taking the appropriate actions.    

Listen to your body.  Pay attention to what it is telling you.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

May 3, 2021


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