A Reiki Misbelief


I had someone come to me interested in a Reiki session.  I told this person to go to my site and read the Policy Statement and Confidentiality paper.

The next morning I was texted saying, "Cancel the Reiki session.  It would be like using a Ouija board for my soul......"

I want to address this for the general public.

First of all, a Ouija board started out being a toy for children.  But soon it was found one could summon up spirits-Any spirit who happen to be walking by, by having the intention.

The spirit world is vast!  All people are made up of flesh and spirit.

All people are from the light, but some us would rather come from our dark sides while others come from their light sides.

When people pass, they are in spirit/Soul form, still the personality they were when they were on Earth.

With that said, using a Ouija board means you communicate with "Whoever!"  Not necessarily the kind lady or a Master in Science!  Whoever is around.

Could be that man from down the road that enjoyed staying drunk or a terrorist!

Reiki is a Reiki practitioner co-creating with their own spirit/Soul Channeling Universal healing energy (high vibrational energy that is found in everything/ people, nature, space, etc.) to the spirit/Soul of the client to be used in anyway their spirit/Soul feels it would help him/her.

There may or may not be Spirit guides from the Reiki practitioner AND the client helping out. 

Reiki is NOT evil or related to the Ouija boards.  Reiki is your spirit/Soul taking in healing energy that is provided by the Reiki practitioner.

You and I have Souls/spirit inside of us who encompasses us.  

We live within our Souls/spirit/Christ.  We co-create with our Souls/spirit/Christ everyday including during Reiki sessions.

Many mis-beliefs out in the world, all based from Fear. 

Anytime we start to be negative emotionally, such as fear, we need to question why from our intellectual sides and not from our emotional sides.  Fear is highly contagious among people.

Reason out why we are "triggered" feeling a fear reaction.  

We create our own worlds we live in with our thoughts and our beliefs.  Check out your beliefs.  If they stem from "fear" you may want to change out your belief.

This paper contains all my own beliefs, thoughts, experiences, and logic.  If something goes against your own beliefs or logic, then you may want to disregard the portion or all of the paper.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

June 30, 2021

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April 11, 2020
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