Here where I live, we experience winter months December-March, if we are lucky.

Some years we have a mild winter and others we have extreme cold with wind and lots of snow.

For example, we can have -60 Fahrenheit wind-chills with a temperature of maybe -20 f and maybe 3 feet of snow on the ground. (Our snow typically is wind blown into huge drifts.)


Typically though we have two solid weeks of 15 degree f. for the high and lows around -20 f.  The rest of the time, we go up and down with a typical temperature of -15 f at night and 20 f during the day.

With snowy winters comes lots of clouds and a lack of sun.

Winter can be hard on many people who live in the northern hemisphere due to the cold and lack of sun.

The lack of sun tends to produce  a lower level of Vitamin D in us, which also causes a lack of “feeling good.”  

The lack of sun and cold can also cause people sleeping problems.

This all may be referred to  Seasonal Affective disorder/ SAD/ or Winter depression. 

Many people will go out and buy a sun lamp.  Sun lamps mimic natural sunlight, helping you to take in more Vitamin D and more sunlight in your eyes.  Sunlight in our eyes helps to keep our bodies on their day and night schedules for waking and sleeping. 

Another way to help yourself get through a tough winter would be to Hygge.

What is Hygge you ask?  Is it a new form of meditation?  Or maybe it’s a new type of sunning?

Hygge is the art of flowing with a difficult environment and finding comfort and joy.  It is like said above, to embrace winter, in this story's case.  This word comes from the Danish and Norwegians.

All over the world, people are finding themselves in difficult situations.  Unpleasant situations.

We have a choice to make in regards to how we react.


We can either feel like a victim and do nothing.

We can become irritated and grumpy and complain to everyone including ourselves.

Or we can embrace the difficult environment and find the joy and comfort within it.

In this case, even though we have severe winters, we take time to go outside, especially when it’s sunny out (but still really cold) and we embrace the winter by Nordic walking.  (Nordic walking is walking with hiking/ ski sticks.)

Find what is enjoyable to you, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Embrace the difficult situation by flowing with it.  Cold winters- get outside anyways, feel the sun on your face, allow the sun into your eyes for a bit, and exercise, whether you Nordic walk, Cross-country ski, or simply sit outside. 

I once watched a Kung Fu tv episode, where Caine, the wandering priest, found himself locked in a very small jail cell with no warm clothing.  The cell was made of metal on purpose.  It would conduct the desert heat, heating to the hundred f. degrees range in the day and cool down to 30 f degrees during the night.  Most people did not survive this cell for more than 3 days.  He taught the other man who was with him,  to go within himself -meditate for the whole time they were in there.

By doing this instead of panicking, both men survived their difficult situation they found themselves in .  They embraced hygge.

Anne Frank, a little girl of Jewish heritage, embraced hygge while living and surviving the her hellish life during the holocaust.

“I’ve found that there is always some beauty left- in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you.”  Anne Frank

So no matter your situation, make the choice to find pleasure and comfort in your situation.

Find comfort and joy in your difficult environment.  Hygge!

By Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

Feb. 28, 2022

Disclaimer by Reiki in the Prairie LLC and Cynthia Bergsbaken copyright 2015

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I have used all procedures I have written about and have found them to be helpful as tools to help myself become a better person.   I am sharing them with you because used as a tool, they are helpful in Shadow working on ourselves.  (Shadow working is healing our inner shadows that are unconscious or subconscious.  Inner shadows are our belief systems, our thoughts, our behaviors, our life experiences.)

I created this blog for my Reiki clients originally.  Combining these tools with Reiki creates a happy, healthy person.  These tools, when used alone are also beneficial!

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April 11, 2020

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