Taking Back Your Power to Sleep

Do you go to bed only to find you can't turn off your thoughts and sleep?

I know this has happened to me more than once.  When we are in our heads thinking, many times it's about the future.  When we are thinking of the future, we are worrying. 

Worrying about things will not help solve the perceived problem.  Worrying about something will actually bring it to you!  What?  When we keep worrying about something, we manifest it for ourselves.  We  all have a Soul.  Our Souls  co-create with our human minds everyday and every night.

When we keep our attention on something, worrying about something, we tend to bring it to us in our lives.

This occurs with what you perceive as good and/or bad in your life.

We are the most powerful when we stay in the present moment.  

So let's co-create with our Souls to obtain our much needed sleep.

1).  When it comes to sleep, it has been said that if we lay still on our beds with eyes shut and rest, we can obtain enough rest for our bodies to function the next day. It is said that by doing this it is just about the same amount of rest as having sleep.

By taking this belief and believing it, you can teach your mind that you don't care if you fall asleep or not.  You still will get the proper amount of rest by simply laying in a comfortable position and resting.

By believing this, you take the worry away from not obtaining enough sleep before having to get up and go to work.

Next step in falling to sleep.

2).  Now that you have this belief, you need to keep yourself in the present moment.

What is the present moment?  The present moment is when you are present when for example you are feeling the floor you walk on.  You feel your feet and toes every step you take.  You feel the warm, sudsy water while washing dishes.  You can feel the cool breeze on your cheek when you are walking outside in the cold air.  You will be aware of how you feel in every aspect.  You will be aware of every aspect of the room you are in.

If you were to be quizzed after walking through a room in your house, you'd know every answer to the questions asked if you were in the present moment.  For example, after walking in your kitchen, what dish was laying next to the microwave?  What was the color of the towel that was hanging up for drying hands on?  What did it feel like to touch the dish water that was sitting in the dishpan?  Was it cold or hot?  Was it slimy?  Was it a dry feeling?

 And so to keep yourself out of worrying- out of your head thinking, you will place a gentle focus on your stomach.  This is staying in the present moment.

3).  As you lay in your bed, pay attention to how your stomach moves up and down while breathing.

Keep your gentle focus here, watching the stomach move up and down.  

Every time you start to think of past or future things, you move your attention back to your stomach.

Keep your attention on your stomach moving up and down.  

When you do this, you are keeping yourself in the present moment.

Notice, you have no problems here in the present moment.  Notice you feel safe, warm, and comfortable.  Notice you have no one bothering you.

You are calm and feel good.

Again, when your mind tries to reflect about the day (past) or what will happen the next day (the future), bring your gentle focus back to your stomach moving up and down.

4).  This next step is the easiest of all the steps.  What is it? 

You find yourself waking up the next morning, realizing you fell asleep!  There was no forcing yourself to sleep.  There was no aggression towards yourself.  There was no drugs involved.  You simply fell asleep being in the present moment.

You say to yourself, "Way to go!  Good job on sleeping. Thank you" and then pat yourself on the back.

Falling asleep is as easy as being gentle with yourself and staying in the present moment.

Here's to taking back our power of sleeping.

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By Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

February 7, 2022.

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