Who Am I energetically?


This chart was made from actual observations on how some people's energy feels.

There are more then what I've listed here.  But this gives you some ideas of how our energy feels to someone who is energy sensitive.

This chart was made from Cynthia's observations.  Other people may disagree with what she perceives.  And that is o.k.  No one is right or wrong.

Energy has texture to it.

  The energies that have clumps/chunks are people's energy that may have a flowing problem.  Sort of like being like "curdled milk feel."  

Energy is meant to flow smoothly throughout our whole system.

Energy that has a prickly feeling or a sharp feeling is energy that is aggressive.  The prickly is less aggression than the sharp energy.  Aggression= being sarcastic, manipulative, hostile, violent, ill will towards others, attacks, and confronts.  Prickly can be irritable and negative.

Hence the saying, "Don't be prickly!"

  Extreme sharpness can feel as sharp as a knife or razor blade cutting into you. Painful feeling. 

Energy that is smooth is "accepting" of things/people.

Energy that is grainy or particles is energy that may need to work on "acceptance" more often.  A grainy personality.

Energy that is "all encompassing" is energy that seems to just take over your whole being!  It swells around you and it engulfs you.  It can be quite panic inducing the first time you feel energy like this from someone.

 Energy has temperatures to it at times.  

Cold feeling may be a sign of a cold personality.

A hot feeling may be a sign of a angry/rageful/hotheaded person.

Energy has pH's to it as well.

  Some energy is a neutral pH which means it is balanced energy.  

While others have anywhere from extreme acidy to mild acidy to them.  Extreme acidy personalities are seen with aggression.  This is a painful feeling personality.

Some personalities will be extreme to mild alkalinity.  Extreme alkalinity means they are at the opposite end of the extreme acidy personality.  The extreme alkalinity maybe paired with a cold temperature-lack of feelings.

There is a feel to someone's energy.

The feel of someone's energy can be anywhere from a "breath of fresh air" which for me, means joy!  To extreme toxic, which can feel like a sickness.  At times, this is mixed with highly acidic pH can feel like "diarrhea" energy.

There are energies out there that are strong!  Compared to energies that feel like they are barely there, a whisper.

At times, the strong energy can be paired with aggression which results in "in your face" type of energy.

Then there are the energies that feel like a walking blob of black/dark.  Everyone has light inside of them, but these energies do not show any light. The light is hidden.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are energies that feel like they shine like the sun.

These are examples of how our energies feel like.

Most of us had no idea we even have an aura, let alone it has a feel to others.

My question is, which ones do you feel you are?  Are you happy with what you feel like to others/energy sensitive people?  If you're not happy with what you came up with from my chart, maybe it's time to take a closer look at yourself and start to question your motives in life.

Are you the bully?  Or are you the victim?  Are you the ragger when you don't get your way?  Or are you the one who sucks down all the anger into your own gut?  Are you the aggressor or are you the one to stand up for yourself with personal boundaries?

All good questions to ask yourself.

To me, the easiest energy to feel is energy that makes you feel good.  To me that would be smooth, breath of fresh air with a lot of light shining from it.

How about you?  They say we are at the level of spiritual education that we are meant to be at in this moment.  At times, we get comfortable in a certain level not wanting to leave it.  And so, when we see our loved ones growing spiritually (shining bright) we try to bring them back to our level, which means we make them feel bad about themselves.

Of course, all behaviors show up in our energy and is projected out to the world.  To change our energy feel, we must change our habitual habits, habitual behaviors, our habitual thoughts, and the way we tend to handle our challenges and conflicts.

What is your energy feel?  What does it say about your personality?

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

March 27, 2022

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April 11, 2020

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