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Using plastics as a food cover and/or container can cause us Estrogen dominance!

Estrogen dominance is when we have too much estrogen in our bodies causing an imbalance of our hormones.  Unhealthy!

One cause of this happening is from Xenohormones that are all around us.

Basically, these are fake hormones.  They are chemicals that enters our bodies and acts like estrogen in them.

Xenohormones has many sources including Petrochemical-derived pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, oral contraceptives, non-organic livestock (main-stream meat), car exhaust, solvents and adhesives, emulsifiers in soaps and cosmetics, plastics (fumes), and PCBs.

Estrogen dominance is the cause for many cancers, fertility problems for both men and women, hormone disruptions for both men and women, weight gain, health issues, and PMS challenges.

One easy way to help yourself is to use washed-out glass jars and non-plastic food covers and containers.  Stop using the plastic wraps to cover foods.  Try using aluminum foil instead.

Plastic wraps and plastic containers give off fumes that gets into foods.  Then it's thrown away leaving more garbage in our planet.  More plastic waste in our dumps and more Xenohormones in you.

Aluminum foil as a cover, does not have Xenohormones.  When you are finished using the foil cover, just crumple up and recycle it.  

Less waste for Earth and less Xenohormones for you.

Same with glass jars from previous food items.  Recycling the jar by washing it out each time you are done using it as a container, can be money saved, healthier for Earth and healthier for you.

Most food items I will store in a glass jar.  No chemical reaction between the food and the glass.

I personally would not suggest you heat up foods in aluminum or plastics.  I would suggest you use glass.

We all need to give ourselves better selfcare.  Buying items from the store because they are convenient, cheap, and throwaway may have deep consequences to you and your health.

For learning more about Xenohormones, please go to:


"Dr. Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones" by Dr. Robert DeMaria


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken/ Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

May 13, 2022



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