Allergies to Grain???


Are you allergic to wheat flour, corn flours, or other grains?

 Or are you having a reaction to Mycotoxins?


When grain crops grow or are stored, at times, they are contaminated with several fungal microorganisms. These fungal microorganisms/Black molds are highly toxic if eaten.

Why? These microorganisms contain mycotoxins that when consumed they release their toxins into your body causing:

  •       Nausea
  •      Vomiting
  •       Irritation to gastrointestinal system
  •        Kidney problems
  •        Immune system problems

Just to name a few!

Maybe our reaction to mycotoxins could be an allergic reaction?


How can you better protect yourself?

I’m a baker. And when I open up a new bag of corn meal, wheat flour, or any other flour, I will smell it briefly.

Before you do this, think of what mushrooms smell like. Any type of mushroom, wild or non-wild. They smell like fungus.

If you’ve ever cleaned a bad, Black mold from enclosed areas, you also will know what fungus smells like.


In the past, I’ve learned the hard way. At Christmas, I bought large amounts of wheat flour. I used it to make Christmas cookies, breads, etc. Then I’d notice my cookies and breads did not taste as good as usual.

After the holidays, after making so much stuff,  I’d finally get the urge to make something new with my wheat flour.

And so, about a month later, I’d go to my flour canister and start to measure out what I had needed. Yuk! The flour had a moldy smell.

No wonder my cookies and breads had an off-taste.

The wheat flour had been contaminated with mycotoxins from some fungal microorganism.


My tip for you is-

Before opening a new bag of flour, corn meals, etc., shake the bag a bit.

Now open the bag and place your nose next to the opened bag. Smell just a little bit. Does the wheat flour/corn flour have a sweet smell? Or does it have a moldy/fungus smell? Or does it have a STRONG odor?

If the bag of flour has a strong odor, it is rancid. Throw this bag of flour away.

If the bag of flour has a sweet odor, it is good to go.

If the new bag of flour has a moldy/fungus smell, bring it back to the grocery store for a refund. You may want to stay away from that brand for a month or so until they get rid of that batch of flour.

If your new flour seems fine, but later changes its smell to moldy/fungus, throw it away, NO questions asked! 

Yep groceries are expensive, but your health is even more expensive to try to get back. Remember, you are more important than a several dollars.


For more reading on Mycotoxins



By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

January 26, 2023

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