Ancient Champagne Milk

Kefir is fermented milk that was first cultured by the people of the Caucasus mountains in the former Soviet Union thousands of years ago.  Kefir grains are used to create these cultures. 

 "The Definition of kefir grain by Merriam-Webster. : a small mass resembling a tiny cauliflower, occurring in kefir, containing casein and other milk solids together with the yeasts and lactobacilli that cause the characteristic kefir fermentation, and serving as a starter to induce this fermentation when introduced into fresh milk."

Years ago, I purchased some Kefir grains from an on-line source. (the link will be at the bottom of the article.)  I followed their instructions and within 24 hours I had a nutritious, sparkling milk drink.  I have found Kefir to be very nutritious and tastes great blended with fruits.  Kefir is milk  that has been cultured, similar to yogurt.  But from my own experience, I have found Kefir to be more nutritious.  
Why?  Kefir has numerous strains of high quality gut bacteria and yeasts that will remain in your gut, replacing the "not so good" bacteria that have been growing in your gut.  

When we have been on antibiotics or eating poorly, we end up growing unhealthy gut bacteria.  Our gut health is very important to our whole being.  If we have poor quality gut health, our mental health and physical health will not be at it's optimal.  

There are articles on the web and research that have stated there is a connection to depression and gut health.  Here is one interesting article link  

When you first start drinking Kefir, it is wise to start off slowly.  Try drinking no more then 1/4 cup of Kefir per day, everyday for about a week or two.  If you drink too much when you first introduce Kefir to yourself, you may get itchy in your crotch area.  This is due to the new microbes you're introducing in to your gut.  They are at "war" with the unhealthy gut flora.  The unhealthy gut flora will be killed off and flushed from your system.  Thus, the new healthy gut flora will remain in your gut replacing the old flora.  The itch are all the old, dead microbes.  

The health benefits of Kefir are staggering.  Here is a quote from a site that writes about everything you would want to know about Kefir.  The link is under it for more information on Kefir.

"The cultures' chemical changes make the milk much easier to digest, allowing the body .......

Everyday, I've been growing my own Kefir culture from my store bought pasteurized milk.  One Kefir grain ferments about 3-4 cups of milk in 24 hours on the counter.  The Kefir microbes eat up all the sugar that is in milk creating a milk with no sugar!  (a great drink even for Diabetics.)  The yeast microbes creates a sparkling milk just like the yeast cultures for  Champagne.  Thus this is called Champagne milk.

The Kefir acts as a Probiotic  for your body, while adding fruit to this drink creates the Prebiotic.  In order to help your gut microbes grow and culture in your gut, you need to feed them.  Prebiotics are natural whole foods that contain fiber, sugars, minerals, and vitamins= fruit!  

I really enjoy drinking my Kefir, blended with honey and fruit, for a snack during the day or for my snack after my exercise.  Kefir contains so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,  protein, and water.  So to me, this is the best food/drink I can have after exercising to replenish what I burned off.

Growing Kefir is easy to do.  To start you would need to purchase a Kefir grain.  Here is the site  I purchased mine at.  You will receive directions and a Kefir grain.

If you're not up to this, try purchasing a quart of Kefir at the local grocery store.  I must say though, I found this Kefir different in texture than my own Kefir.  The store bought seems to be more like liquid yogurt in texture, whereas my own is more light and fizzy when drunk.

To gain the most benefit from your Kefir drink, blend it with fruits.  The Kefir will be in need of some sweetening, so the fruit will act as a sweetener and a prebiotic for the Kefir's probiotic 
I've made apple/cinnamon kefirs, blueberry, raspberry, peach/coconut oil, and many other flavors.

Apple Cinnamon flavored Kefir

Bon Appetit!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of
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December 26, 2019

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