The Desire to See the World Healed

Years ago, I read a quote written by Lao Tzu that inspired me to look closer at myself.   It goes like this:
"If you want to awaken all of humanity then  awaken all of yourself.  If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation." by Lao Tzu.

This quote speaks volumes to me.
 I've been around many  people who all would like to "heal the world".  In fact some feel it's their obligation to do this.  But when you start to understand that each one of us cannot change other people in our lives, we start to see it's not the world we need to change, it's ourselves!

The dark, Lao talks about is the negativity we part take in.  Check out your thoughts!  Are you at times resentful and jealous towards a relative?  A friend?  A stranger?  Are you feeling like, it's not fair that person has so much and I have so little?  Maybe a family member seems really gifted, but you feel you are lacking in the gift area.  Every time you check your social media site, you see their posts which produces an intense, acid burning sensation in you. This is what you call, jealousy.

 Feeling a "lack of" in the presence of someone else.  You are in your head, thinking and producing much "suffering" for yourself and the person you maybe jealous of.

The suffering stems from not the person you are jealous of, but from your own beliefs, childhood experiences, the fear emotions in your Emotional body (energy body surrounding you.) and staying up in your head in the "past" or the "future".

Why would I say you might be causing the other person suffering along with yourself while having negative thoughts?  We are all connected-spiritually.  We are all made of energy-our physical bodies, our emotions, our spirits, the rock in your front yard, etc.  Everything, including Earth is energy.

When I give Long distance Reiki to a person, I am able to do this by way of our energetic connection.

  Negative thoughts and emotions stems from something in the person that needs to be looked at and healed by that person.   All negative emotions come from "fear".  Feeling deep down fear stems from the need for love.  Look at your needs in life and see where you need to fill it up with your attention.

"The most valuable relationship you can have is with your Inner Child."  These words were stated by Dr. Hew Len.  The relationship between consciousness (The mother-you) and the subconsciousness (the inner child-you as a child)  Here is a link to Dr. Hew Len talking about the inner child and his loving technique called Ho'Oponopono meditation

Love that Inner child like no one has ever loved her/him before.  You are here to give that Inner child security, love , and acceptance.  Maybe the attention, love, security, and acceptance that your inner child never received while growing up.   No judgement, no criticisms, etc. Understand what your younger self went through growing up.  Feel his/her emotions with no judgement.  Write love letters to your Inner child.  Now find compassion for those who bullied you, criticized you, who demeaned you in anyway.  Why?  Because when someone else does this, it's not about you.  It's about them!  The negativity is their projection of their "injured"/"hurt" self that needs their attention to heal.  People who act this way are miserable inside of themselves.  They are full of insecurities and fear.  The way someone treats you is a direct link to what their energy contains.

So when you feel negativity in yourself, take time by yourself and ask yourself why you are feeling that way.  Take time to heal yourself.  No one else is able to do this for you.  Only you can.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken December 28.2019
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April 11, 2020
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