What You Say About Yourself

By Cynthia Bergsbaken Photography

I recently was at a social gathering.  It was a beautiful day outside with a large amount of people showing up for this event.  I walked in, observing all the faces I recognized from another time in my life.  I was feeling pretty joyful to experience their presence again, after so many years of not seeing them.  Many of the faces had been changed from time and life events.  As I made my presence known to the ones I knew, I realized some of these people were not as joyful as I once saw them as.  At first I felt a little saddened by this, like it had something to do with me.  But then I realized this has nothing to do with me.

 You see, everyone in life projects and owns their own emotional energy.  If there are emotional hurts that never were healed, these hurts are stored in the emotional body.

Energetically speaking, we have a Etheric body, Emotional body, Mental body, and a Spiritual body.  These make up our auras.  Auras are the egg-shaped protective energy surrounding us at all times.  The emotional energy is projected out through our pores and chakras.

And so, for example, if someone tends to react with shame/embarrassment because someone near them is different in some large way (beliefs, clothing, personality, words, mental disorder, being a character, etc.), the embarrassed person  will be projecting this energy off of them.  All people in the room and near by will be able to read this energy at least subconsciously knowing that this person has shame and feeling uncomfortable.  This shame/embarrassment many times  stems from a childhood hurt/belief.  Maybe this person's parents taught them to be fearful of different people.  Maybe society taught them to not be associated with "different people" if you want to be successful.  Or maybe the person, as a child, was emotionally hurt by someone "different."

Another example would be a person who snubs a person.  The person snubbing is projecting "aggression" and looks down at this person.  Thus they tell the world and the person who is being snubbed, he/she is in "ego" projecting fear and insecurity.  They tell everyone, "I'm not feeling good about myself" and "I'm not feeling equal to other people, especially the one I snubbed."  In other words, they feel subconsciously, "not good enough".  We all have emotional energy projecting from us, whether we know it or not.  If we all realized and tried to correct our unhealed emotional hurts, the world would be so much more full of love instead of fear.

Next time you feel a negative emotion come to  you when you see someone, stop yourself from reacting to it, feel it and ask yourself, "Why am I feeling this way?"  How does this other person trigger me to have this reaction?  We are all mirrors for each other.  When you are triggered, the other person's words/actions have acted like a mirror to you.   This means,you also have this behavior/hurt in you!  The reaction from the other person in regards to you, is their  karma and your reaction in regards to them is your karma.

And so, if the person who was looked down at reacts with anger or any other negative emotion, this person knows they have been triggered by the action of someone snubbing them-looking down at them.  This tells the person who feels this anger, there may be a unhealed emotional hurt here in regards to people looking down at them.

It is up to the person with the unhealed hurt to sit down with it and feel the hurt they feel.
No judgement. No following the reaction (in this case anger).  They need to just feel it and be with it.  Be with the hurt until it's feeling dissolves away.  After the person feels more positive, it is a good time to think back throughout their childhood of any significant times he/she was "looked down at".  When the experience is found, again sit with it and feel the hurt.  Be there with his/her inner child.  Now the person asks the  "inner child" (the you that went through this) "What do I need to heal this?"  Wait for some type of answer/feeling.  It can be helpful to journal about this.

The way I have found helpful to  heal many hurts is to picture the person who hurt you in your head.  Now face that person and tell them you forgive them, the whole time looking in their face.  Continue looking until the figure in your head dissolves away.   Now forgive yourself, for the part you brought into the experience.

 I feel it's time we heal our own karma.  It's our own responsibility what energy we project in to the world. Own YOUR ENERGY and what you put out into the world.  Do your part in bringing love into the world and releasing fear.

Reiki energy sessions can help a person recognize their emotional hurts.  Reiki will loosen up the emotional blockages that negative thoughts/thinking creates and dissolves them.  When you are aware of these emotional hurts, you can heal them.  When we have emotional hurts, we tend to act out in negative ways.  These actions come from inner hurts.  We are in a state of  discord.  (inharmonious)  When we are in discord, we are in a state that creates dis-ease in the physical body.

Reiki energy sessions creates a healthy environment in your body, so you as the owner of your body, can heal it.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RP, IARP of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, May 22, 2016.
Re-written by Cynthia Bergsbaken RM of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, January 7, 2020.
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