Blue Jay by Cynthia Bergsbaken photography

The Blue Jay is one of my favorite birds to observe. 
Their feathers are brilliant blues and white. 
They are known for mimicking other birds at times. 
Blue Jays are fearless. 
Blue Jays, symbolic message to us when one comes into our life is, You have a choice:
 “Living & expressing your true self, using your talents & skills you have deep inside or mimic & pretend to be someone else in life.” 

What is your choice??? 
To be a true master in life is to master yourself. To be a master of ourselves is to accept & love ourselves, heal what hurts we have (triggers), and to be committed, dedicated, and responsible to our ourselves & what talents & skills we have.

Follow your own path, follow your own 

Source:  "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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