What Will You Accept?

Letter from an Empath

"While I love to help others, I am not responsible for fixing your life or catering to your toxicity.  I am not responsible for managing your triggers, walking on eggshells or telling you what you want to hear  in order to keep the peace.  I am not your emotional punching bag nor am I your emotional sponge.  I do not exist for your pleasure or as a site for your projected pain.  My responsibility is to myself to be my own person and stay true to myself to heal my own wounds, manage my own triggers, and engage in self care so that I can give to others authentically without depleting myself in the process.  My responsibility is to maintain healthy boundaries, especially with those who are unhealthy."
By Unknown Author

This letter has great significance to me.  When I was first figuring out what makes me, me, I saw that I was letting people “drive me”.  My personal boundaries were not the greatest. I was letting others’ drama (energy) affect me. 

As I re-read it, I feel it is meant for everyone, whether you’re an empath, highly sensitive person, or any other person.  Why?  Because everyone goes through life learning about their own personal boundaries.  What will you accept and what you will not accept? 

What will you put up with?  Will you continue to go to a job that you feel grated upon?  Or will you step down to a job that pays you less but fulfills many of your joys in life.

What will you put up with?  Will you continue letting others dump their anger on you?  Or will you step up and kindly ask them to leave the room until they have calmed down.

What will you put up with?  Will you gingerly walk around a person in life, fearing their aggressive anger and rage at you?  Their aggression?  Or will you make a stand and say, enough is enough!  Their aggression, anger and rage are theirs and theirs alone to heal.   I may have triggered them, but I am not the cause (the blame) of their pain they are feeling.

What will you put up with?  Will you let others define who you are in life, telling you who you are through criticisms and control?  Or are you going to step up and take your place as the person God made you to be?  Unique, talented, and full of love.

What are you willing to accept?  Are you willing to put all your energy in to helping others at your own physical, mental, and/or spiritual expense?  Or are you willing to help yourself first.  And then and only then, try to help others when possible.

What are you willing to accept?  Will you be the person others’ want you to be?  Or will you be the person you want to be?

We all need to be authentic to ourselves in this life.  Like the Blue Jay says, “Are you going to mimic/pretend to be someone else or are you going to be who you are meant to be in this life?”

So, the question here is, what will you put up with?  Will you put up with your own fears and insecurities changing who you really are deep inside?  Or will you face them, heal them, and let them go?

We all choose paths in life.   What path are you accepting?

By Cynthia Bergsbaken
Written for Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Feb.6, 2020

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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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