A Reiki Experience

Palm Springs, CA and South Dakota building

Reiki energy is used for healing the body-mentally-emotionally-spiritually.  Reiki energy can also be used to balance and heal plants, animals, geographical areas, and buildings.

On this web site I wrote about sending Reiki energy to the San Andrea fault line near Palm Springs, CA.  Many years ago, I  heard the sad sound of grinding stone against stone some 60 miles away during a fault movement. (earth quake tremor.)  The sound resembled a very ill Earth in that area.

A few years ago-
My Reiki clinic was next to a room that was being used for mediation.  Mediation brings about much grief and emotional pain from individuals going through this.

One day, I walked into that room to look out the windows.  We were having our annual High school Home Coming parade walking down the road.  I noticed the room was filled with grief.  I could feel the air was drenched in grief.  Not a good feeling to feel it all around you.
So I decided to clean up the room with Reiki energy.  Within 30 seconds of giving Reiki energy to this room, the room's atmosphere was transformed into joy.  What a difference Reiki energy can have in lives. Strong energy tends to attach and absorb into furniture, walls, and becomes stagnant in the air.

Reiki energy also has the ability to heal and balance our whole beings.   Reiki energy goes into our auras and bodies, seeks out blockages dissolving them, and brings to our attention the root cause for us to finish healing the problem.  It is said that when we grow old, we can see what we did to our bodies.  Blockages in the energy bodies caused by our own emotional stagnant energy.  After  some time, the blockage of energy causes dis-ease.  Problems in the physical body start up in relation to the blocked energy area.

If you are having physical or emotional problems in life, give Reiki energy a chance to help you.
Reiki is an alternative healing therapy that does not use:  needles, drugs, or muscle manipulation.  Reiki is energy work that helps you to understand the root cause of a problem.

For more information, go to Https://www.reikiintheprairiellc.com.  Here you can find a page that may answer your questions.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC;  Originally written in 9-29-2016.  Re-written on March 23, 2020.

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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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