I have a Confession!

I have a confession!

I am trained to be a Reiki Master practitioner, but I do not have all the answers.

What is a Reiki Master?  A Guru?  A spiritual leader who knows exactly the right things to say and do?  A master(teacher) in all aspects of Reiki healing?   A person that talks and believes in only about the spiritual?

Personally, to me, a Reiki practice is a way to bring whole health to myself and others. 
I enjoy Reiki energy healing, but I will not pretend it is the only way to “feel healthy or get healthy.” 

 I believe in the value of many different healing modalities including eating whole and healthy.  And so to be an effective Reiki Master, I believe in sharing not only the value of Reiki, but also  whatever I believe can be helpful to you as a client or the public.

Do not get me wrong.  When I provide Reiki sessions, they are solid Usui Reiki sessions. No extra energy work added. 
 Reiki energy healing provides a nice, solid foundation for healing or staying healthy, but I feel there needs to be more to stay healthy and/or get healthy.  

There needs to be- YOU added into this equation of health.  YOU are the most important aspect of this equation!  Your lifestyle choices, your thoughts, your beliefs, etc. all make a difference in your health.

To  be  an effective  Reiki Master providing you with a Reiki session, there needs to a partnership  with the client.   Not only providing the Reiki healing session, but to  make suggestions based on my own experiences or on what I sense.  Suggestions on what could help you  bring about maintaining health or getting healthy.

A Reiki Master, in my thoughts, will not know everything about life or even Reiki.  I strive to share various ways to stay healthy and various ways to get healthy.   (blog).  But like you, I too am learning as I follow my life path.

A Reiki Master to me, is not being a Guru, someone that knows all, but having a practice that is here to help/guide/support people with their everyday challenges, if asked.

It is all about being supportive in a “whole way” to anyone who seeks out “natural ways” to stay healthy, be relaxed, and/or get healthy.

I share anyway, that I am aware of, that proves to be of value in helping people be healthy in a whole way-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I am a person who enjoys sharing what has been helpful for me, to stay healthy in this school we call “Life”.  Thus hoping my Reiki Master ways can be of value to some in our life.

So, I confess, I am not a Guru, I am not a spiritual leader, and I am not a “know all about Reiki or life!”  But I am someone who enjoys giving that “little bit of help that we all need at times” to people who are interested in natural ways to maintain health or get healthy.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020
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