Reiki for Pets & Animals

 Don't forget about giving your pets & animals under your care a lot of love, attention, and care.

Pets and animals, like humans benefit from receiving Reiki sessions.

On the "My Reiki Experiences page", I talked about my puppies experience with facing death due to Pharmaceutical drugs.

Reiki healing was given to her from long distance and in-person.  Read the article to see what happened.

Reiki sessions provides our pets with relaxation.  Relaxation is essential to move forward in naturally healing.  

Reiki energy also speeds up the natural healing process!  

My dog can be quite fearful of Thunder storms.  She can sense one coming even when we are unaware there is one approaching us.

She goes in to her extreme shaking, tail down between her legs, and she tries to cuddle so close to you, you'd think she wanted to be apart of your leg.  At times, she has tried to become a lap dog!  If you noticed, she is about 60 Lbs of muscle.

When I have provided her with some Reiki energy, she tends to relax some.  Mind you, she doesn't completely pull out of her anxiety, but she is definitely helped.

It's important anytime, but especially now with Covid-19, to give your pet & animals good care.

Our pets and animals provide us with unconditional love.

How about you giving some of that love back to them? 

By Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

***I provide animal Reiki.  Check out "Service" page.

 As of 9-15-2020, I am still open for In-Person Reiki sessions including pets.  If you desire to have a horse, cow, pig, etc. receive Reiki, please contact me at 605-237-1701.  Thank you.


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