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All right, earlier I promised an article with using Reiki energy and my physical injuries.

About 1.5 years ago, I injured the outer side ligaments of my foot while catching myself from falling down a dirt drop off by a lake.

A couple of months ago, this past summer, I injured the same leg, but this time I re-injured my foot and I injured ligaments around the knee.  I feel the knee ligament injuries were due to  repetitive injury.  Not allowing a small injury to heal and re-injuring it repeatedly.  I managed to do this while walking and jogging the prairie lands.

In the prairie, there can be many animal burrows (holes) in the ground disguised as prairie grass.  There can also be cattle path ruts that are also covered up by prairie grass, making walking and jogging a serious activity.

So this knee & foot injury caused me a lot of pain the first couple of days.  The pain was at around 6 on a scale from 0-10.

I could not walk with this injury without weakness and pain.  I could feel the injured ligaments behind my knee and surrounding my knee on both sides.

I will  typically not take any inflammatory medication due to personal reasons.    

And so to manage the pain and to increase the speed of healing, I gave myself a Reiki session the second day.  The first day, I was in too much pain and too tired to give myself a Reiki session.

I started off by scanning  my energy and physical body for Byosen .  Byosen is energetically feeling   the energy system and physical body for inflammation, increased energy, lacking energy, tears, etc.  When I find any area like this, I note it mentally or I write it down.

Next, I gave myself a full Reiki session.  When I came to my injured areas, I gave them extra attention  with extra Reiki energy.

Right after the Reiki session, my pain went from sharp and severe to a dull pain that was manageable without any pain medications. On a scale of 0-10, the pain was at a 2-3.  

I kept off of my leg for a week!  To stay inactive is not my "cup of tea."  

My leg and foot were feeling better and stronger everyday!  

Reiki energy tends to, from my own experiences, dulls pain making it more manageable and speeds up the healing process.

Well, it's a month and half later and my leg and foot  healed quite quickly.  I was feeling pretty good.  So good that I went out and re-injured  them again during some lower level exercise. 

And so, I'm back to square 2.  More Reiki, more stabilizing the area, and more rest.

P.s. if you ever have an outer ligament foot injury, the best shoes and slippers are ones with firm soles.  For everyday use, I've always enjoyed my Stegmann slippers.  But not this time.  The best slipper has been my Minnetonka leather moccasins that have no added rubber soles. My foot is held in a natural position and supported by our wood and ceramic floors.  There is slight cushion in the moccasin, but only enough to feel comfortable on the hard floors.   

In the past, I've used Reik energy in a medical doctor's clinic.  The medical doctor attempted something on me, that shot my pain thresh-hold to a 9 out of 10.  I swear if I had been drunk on liquor, the pain would of pulled me right out of being drunk!

I am grateful to have known Reiki.  Without a peep out of me, I instantly gave myself Reiki.  If I hadn't done that, I would not of been able to have endured what she was attempting to do.

The Reiki instantly gave me some relief.  No, it didn't take my pain away, but it did make the pain less severe and more dull so it was manageable.  And Reiki energy managed to do this instantaneously.

Throughout the past 6 years using Reiki energy, I've seen Reiki energy work some small miracles on myself and others.  

Reiki energy helps you to relax.  When we can be brought to a positive state of mind in relaxation, Reiki energy and our Higher selves are able to work together in helping us heal.

If the injury contains "stuck" emotions, Reiki energy  can dislodge the emotions.  The emotions bubble up to the surface, allowing you to feel them.  At this point, you are brought in to release the emotions to finish the healing process. Stuck emotions may cause dis-ease in the physical and mental body.

I can't say enough about Reiki energy.  I and my family are believers in the value of Reiki energy sessions.

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Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

October 5, 2020.


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