Change is in the air!

What are we being asked to change in our lives?  The way we think?  Our jobs? Our beliefs? Our ways of coping? Our friends?

What are you being asked to change?  

Whatever is causing you stress at this time, look at it carefully and see if you need to change something.

Years ago, I held a position in the school system.  I enjoyed working with children.  

The following year, I was asked to change schools.  My position was not needed anymore at that particular school.  And so I did.

My new job was similar to my last one, except that I had a new school, new Principal, new teachers, and a new duty.

At first the school year was o.k.  I felt I was doing my job well.

Each month, I was given "Red flags".  Red flags?  These are intuitions you get in regards to who you're around and your situation.  Red flags mean, STOP.  Red flags means to relook at where you are and who you're around.

The first Red flag was when I asked the Principal for direction at the Open House before school actually started.  When I asked her, she instantly raged in my face.  

The next few months, I was given multiple Red flags.  The last Red flag, which concerned a young teacher,  did it for me.  

I gave my two weeks notice.  On my last day of employment at this school, I was met up with a lot of negative behavior from the few it involved.

I knew, when I quit that position, I may not get another chance at working in the school system again.  

I knew by quitting, I would not have the extra cash to put towards my Reiki business.

Thus, I  gave up my Reiki office.

In life, we are asked to make changes.  It's not wise to ignore these intuitions.  It's  wise to follow what we're being asked to do from God.

If I had stayed in my position, I would of had the money for my Reiki office.  But at what cost???

The cost would of been my emotional well-being, staying in a position that was not positive to be in.

My emotional well-being out weighs money any day!

So in this time of "harsh energies", what are you being asked of?  What do you need to change to feel good?  To stand in  your own power and be your beautiful self.

It is scary to change, but ultimately, we find out after the change, we are way far better off.

Today, I have a nicer Reiki office.  I'm not with the school systems at this time.  But instead, I am following some of my dreams in life.  

So here's to "Change".  Cheers!

by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC


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April 11, 2020
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