Walking Barefooted.

Walking barefooted on the ground is healthy and beneficial.

  • Grounds you.  Staying grounded in life will help you release any negative emotions/energy.

          You feel present instead of floaty and out of this reality.

  • You pick up positive energy!  It is said that dewy grass is highly positive to walk on.  Feel the joy and freedom of walking barefooted.  Like a child again, care-free and happy.

  • Your feet, like your hands, have energy zones that correlates to internal organs.  By walking barefooted, you may help your energy flow.  The ground will massage the bottoms  of your feet thus you will be receiving a free Reflexology session, compliments of Mother Nature.  Reflexology uses massage/pressure points (physical manipulation for healing) to break up energy blockages that correlates to internal organs/the whole person.  
Reflexology is similar to Reiki except that Reiki sessions, the practitioner does not have to touch you.
Instead of physical manipulation, like with Reflexology, the Reiki practitioner uses high, positive energy to break up energy blockages.  Real similar to using musical vibrations to break energy blockages apart. 

I, Cynthia, have used all three modalities to break up energy blockages.  I enjoy all of them.  They all work.

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April 11, 2020
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