Reiki to the Rescue!

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 *October 2020 by Cynthia Bergsbaken-Reiki Master

Reiki to the rescue!!!

While brushing my teeth the other night, I some how managed to dis-place my TMJ slightly out of it's joint. This  caused my muscles that holds the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) to be overly stretched.

I knew exactly when this happened because I had extreme pain (about a 7-8 on a pain scale) piercing my inner ear.

It felt like someone pierced my eardrum with a metal poker. I was expecting blood to ooze out of my ear.   Ouch!!!

Well, I immediately needed some relief from the pain.  

I gave myself minutes worth of Reiki energy.  When I was done, there was no more pain and my jaw had relaxed back in to place.  No more slight dislocation.  (no pain meds were used.)

By the next day, my jaw felt like it was 95% healed.

I am thankful to have had Reiki energy to help me in this moment of need.

Sincerely,  Cynthia Bergsbaken

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April 11, 2020
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