In our lives, at times, we are supported in seeing the hidden.

Hidden?  The hidden truths, hidden purposes, hidden emotions, hidden food ingredients, hidden personalities, hidden cosmetic ingredients, hidden agendas, and so on and so on.

For this article, I'm going to talk about hidden emotions and hidden food ingredients, in particular sugar and artificial trans-fats.  

Hidden sugar and artificial trans-fats do not support our well-being or health.

Sugar and artificial trans-fats are known by science to be the top contenders in bringing about heart disease and too numerous to count physical body ailments.

Sugar is highly addictive!  More addictive than Cocaine!  

Artificial trans-fats are not edible for animal consumption, let alone human consumption.  This was stated by the FDA many years ago.

What is sugar?  Sugar is defined as a substance that is refined and purified from sugar beets or sugar cane. 

 From my experience with foods, I will state that all refined and purified (and isolates) are not healthy for a person to consume.  Why?  Too concentrated, too pure, and too refined for our bodies to handle in a healthy way.

Artificial trans-fats are man-made fats, (altered vegetable oils) that were meant to be better in quality and health-wise than lard and other animal fats.  These fats were cheap to make/cheaper to buy, they gave a good, soft texture to foods, and they helped the foods to have a longer shelf-life.

But at what expense to our physical bodies?  At what expense to our emotional selves?

Sugar and artificial trans-fats when consumed produce an immediate inflammatory response in our bodies/ our cells.

When our bodies have inflammation in them, we feel pain, misery, and maybe even depression.

Our bodies are here for us.  They help us by doing what God tells them to do, help to dissolve the inflammation to protect us.  Our bodies do this by creating LDL cholesterol.  This cholesterol acts as the fire engine truck.  The sugar/artificial trans-fats causes the fire. Our LDL cholesterol puts out the fire (inflammation.)  

And so, if your cholesterol goes up, so does your blood pressure.  This is in response to your choices in foods, over indulging, and over-eating.

But what happens if we are eating good foods?  This is where we need to look closer at our food choices.  Hidden sugar and hidden artificial trans-fats may be hard to detect in our store bought and restaurant foods.

Sugar is used as a food flavor enhancer.  Look on the labels for any type of sweetener.  Glucose, honey, molasses, malt, sugar, brown sugar, fructose, Maple syrup, rice syrup, date sugar, fruit juices, stevia, high fructose, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Xylitol, sucrose, Aspartame, corn syrup, Maltose, and dried fruit.  (To name a few!)  Try removing all food products that are using these.  

If you want a bit of sugar in your food, use a natural one such as a local raw honey or dates. (Non-refined.)   Consumption of local honey can help with your seasonal allergies.  Use these sparingly. 

If you want to get rid of the sugar craving altogether, say "No" to yourself when you reach for a sweet. Ask yourself, are you hungry?  Then when you say "no", ask yourself what are you feeling that makes you want to find comfort in sweets?  Many times we are feeling stress and emotional pain. It will take about 1 week to get off of the sweet craving.

Hidden artificial trans-fats are found in many foods including, but not limited to, instant gravy, breads, bakery rolls, pizza crusts, fake cheese, deep-fried foods, tortillas, etc.

Any amount of artificial trans-fats is detrimental to our bodies.  Our FDA has stated that if the amount of artificial trans-fats in the food is less than a certain percentage, then the food industry can say upfront there are NO trans-fats in their product.

It takes roughly 104 days after consumption to rid the body of the inflammatory response this fat causes.

So, if you eat one food item with this type of fat, your body, at a cellular level will feel the inflammation.  If you eat this type of fat everyday, you will have a never ending inflammatory response in your body/cells.

Hidden artificial trans-fats can be found when you look at the ingredient list on each food item.  Here in the USA, there are still foods with this detrimental fat in them.

Look for trans-fats/ hydrogenated fat/ partially hydrogenated fat.  If you see these fats listed, I suggest you put the food back on the shelf.  Look for the product with better fats such as Olive oil, real butter,  and/or un-hydrogenated Coconut oil.

What else is detrimental to our health?

Hidden emotions.  These would be hurtful emotions we had while we were children.  All people in this world have gone through having their feelings hurt. 

Hidden emotions are emotions that we may not be aware of, still carrying our old hurts in life.  These emotions were pushed deep down inside of our physical bodies in muscle tissue, in fat, in organs, etc.  Here the hidden emotion is pushed out of mind/ out of sight.  Until, we are triggered in life by someone else.  Then these hidden emotions will bubble up causing you to feel emotional pain.  

Some people re-push these hidden emotions back inside, deep down.  Others will not feel the pain due to becoming  numb to their emotions.  While others have so much emotional pain, they do not know how to handle it and so they project it off on to others by their negative behavior.  

Hidden emotions cause not only emotional pain, but they also eventually cause physical body ailments/dis-ease.

Hidden emotions created in childhood will control you as an adult in all your decisions and behaviors.

How do we heal our hidden emotions if we are unaware we carry them?

Two ways I like are:

  1. When someone triggers an emotional pain in you, sit in a quiet area by yourself and feel it.  Feel how you felt.  What old stories appear in your mind about this pain?  You may be reminded of that time someone bullied you.  Or that time someone took their love away.  Feel it.  See it.  And try writing it all down.  Actively accept the emotion with no judgment.  This emotion is the truthful way you felt.  Now, in your mind, try seeing yourself at the age this happened.  This child, your inner child is still in a past scene of being hurt.  You, as an adult, will walk into that room where your inner child still remains in the past.  Gently hold your inner child's hand and say, I'm here to love you and support you.  Please come home with me.  And bring your inner child to you as an adult to be protected and nurtured.  You just reclaimed your inner child from remaining in the past, experiencing the hurt.

  2. The other way I like to find hidden emotions is with Reiki.  For many years, I have used Reiki to find all those hidden hurts.  Reiki is positive-loving-healing energy.  When Reiki is used, it goes into the body and dissolves any emotional blockages we have formed.  These blockages/ dammed up-stuck emotions than will bubble up to the surface of your mind/body.  Here, you become aware of the emotional pain you carry.  Each time you have a hidden emotion bubble up, you will need to sit with the emotion and feel it.  Follow what I said in number one.  For me, I used Reiki as a way to heal my Shadow-self (Shadow-working  https://www.reikiintheprairiellc.com/2020/03/the-importance-of-shadow-working.html ) and to stay balanced.

Both ways are great ways to find those hidden emotions.

When a person triggers you, even though it feels so painful, you may want to say, "Thank you" to them.  They are being a healer to you, showing you what you need to heal in yourself.  By healing these areas, you benefit by making choices from your higher-self instead of from a hurt inner-child.  Your physical body is healthy, instead of being strangulated by emotional blockages. And you feel happier because you see the truth about why people act in negative ways.

What else in our lives is hidden?  That may be detrimental to our well-being and health?

You are the only one who can make a difference in your life.  Find those hidden sugars, artificial trans-fats, and emotions.  Remove them by taking action.  Ignoring what your body is telling you, will not make you get better.  It takes you and your courage to make a change, whether in your choices in foods or in how you react to triggering, or finding a Reiki practitioner to help you to release hidden emotions.  It takes You.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

May 4, 2022



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