All people are in this life, living the best way they can.

This life has challenges.  When we are placed in a challenge, we share our own, real authentic selves with ourselves and others.  When in a challenge, we go to stress coping mechanisms.

Some people use negative coping methods, while others use positive coping methods. 

The negative coping methods will wear on the body, mind, and spirit. The positive coping methods will help one to be healthy, joyful, and powerful in all of life.


When I provide Reiki service, the Reiki energy finds the negative energy a person has pushed down into their bodies-physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

These areas are like a pond that has no new water entering it. The pond becomes stagnant and toxic. The Reiki energy helps to undam these stagnant, toxic areas in the body.

Go to "Why Reiki" article to read more about Reiki.

At times, people will wait until there is dis-ease showing up in the physical body.  Be proactive in your selfcare of yourself.  

Try watching your inner dialogues with yourself.  What are you saying to yourself?  Is it positive?  "Way to go, I tried my best and that is what counts."  Or is negative?  "I didn't get that job, AGAIN! There must be something wrong with me."

Watch your reactions to people.  Are they positive?  "You did a nice job on creating that book."

Or are they negative?  "Your book sucks!  My book is professional, while yours is amateur."

If you find yourself being negative, you are being an energy taker.  It's up to you to see this and change your habits, coping methods, and your behavior.

It is said when we are seniors, we can look at ourselves and see exactly what we have done to ourselves throughout our lives.  Our physical ailments are said to be the result of our own beliefs, behaviors, and words said to ourselves.

A person who is rigid is said to be from a "controlling mindset"-rigid with themselves and well as others.  Maybe this rigidness is seen in the person who is not able to be as fluid in their physical body.  Arthritis, stiffness, etc.

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu says, Rigidness is seen in a dead body. Think of a stiff, dead piece of dried-up prairie grass.  Non-flexible and will snap when any amount of force is placed on it.  To be fluid is to be living.  Think of a green, living prairie grass.  The living plant is fluid and flexible, even during storms and wind.  

Let us look at our own selves and see any negative patterns of behavior, beliefs we have.  Let up seek to correct them to kind and loving behavior patterns and beliefs.

Behavior patterns are taught to us from our families, friends, or teachers.  The families, friends, and teachers have been taught their behavior patterns from their own ancestors from generation to generation. 

Try also looking at your coping methods.  Are there any coping methods that seem negative?

I know one of mine is to follow worry during times of stress.  Worry has been taught to me from generations of ancestors.  Worry makes what you are worrying about worse!  It places our focus on what we don't want to happen.  Thus, we make it happen.  Ouch!

How to change the coping method of worry?  One way is to take the worry and look at it in an analytical way instead of emotional.  Or you can try giving the worry to God.  Or you can give the worry to your spiritual heart. (The Spiritual heart is in your right side, opposite from your physical heart.)


All negative behaviors, words, thoughts are based on fear.

  Let us base our coping methods, behaviors, words, beliefs, and thoughts from Love.


As all the articles Cynthia writes, if you do not find value in it, please disregard the beliefs.

All the articles Cynthia writes are based from her own experiences in life.


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

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April 11, 2020

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