Heal Yourself

Lake Superior by Duluth, MN.

The first sign of disease does not show up physically.  The first sign actually shows up in your energetic system as taught to us in Reiki practice.  Each of our physical bodies are surrounded by layers (bodies) of your energetic system.  Your energetic system is able to keep you healthy from all external influences  It is typically the person that causes the inner conflicts with their negative thoughts, emotions,  stress-not letting go of it, or using alcohol, drugs or other chemicals as a crutch to handle their emotional pain.  Many of these cause energetic blockages, while others cause your protective aura to become un-protective (sick).  Each layer of your energy system is associated with organs in your body including the skin.  And so if you cause a blockage and you do not clear it out you create an atmosphere that creates disease. ( like  stagnant pond water.)

For me, I have found Reiki healing to be invaluable.   Providing myself a Reiki healing session helps me to move my energy, dissolving any blockages, creating flow again.  As a result, the emotions that caused me to be triggered and blocked will come forward for me to sit with them and release them.  (Letting go.)  This translates in "healed".

It is my belief that all people need to be involved in some form of energy healing for themselves.  Whether receiving it from a practitioner or receiving from themselves.  Reiki brings up the emotions that have caused physical problems.  Reiki healing also helps to dissolve any early on problems seen in the auric field.  And so receiving  Reiki healing sessions every month is a great way to stop any potential blockages from forming and causing physical problems.  Every person has the capability of healing themselves.  Letting  Reiki healing sessions assist you, one can get back on the road to health in a quicker way.

Respect yourself and your health enough to start by dropping the habits such as eating junk foods, Artificial Trans fats, and sitting front of the T.V. for extended amounts of time.  I challenge you to at least:  Reach for whole, natural foods such as Carrot sticks, Honey as the sweetner, Eggs, whole Apples, Fruited water to drink instead of juice or Pop.  Get outside and walk!  Read a book instead of the T.V. or the Internet.  Instead of popping medicine for a headache or a joint pain, try having a Reiki healing session.  Instead of drinking alcohol or doing illegal drugs, try a Reiki healing session to help you with your emotional pain. 
Heal Yourself!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 26, 2017.
Rewritten on May 3, 2020

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April 11, 2020
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