Inspiring Words to Live By

I was inspired while I was half sleeping! 

It was a dreary, rainy Saturday afternoon when I walked downstairs to exercise.  I really enjoy exercising to "Cafe Mom".  
Well, this day, I noticed she had an episode that I had never done before-"30 Minute Fat Burning with Weights." 
 I followed the video, feeling like I really worked  my legs. 
To finish my workout,  I decided to follow the Shaolin QiGong video to help cool down, feel relaxed, and be one with my body again.

What a great workout!  

As I stood there, I noticed my daughter and dog laying on the floor taking a nap.  So I decided to sit down on the couch and watch an episode of Oprah Winfrey.
She was talking with a Buddhist Monk- Thich Nhat-  an interesting talk.  

As I watched this enjoyable show,  my exercising caught up with me. I too fell asleep.  

As I napped, I started to hear inspiring words in my mind.  The words caught my attention so much, that I was pulled out of my delirium. I woke with a swiftness.  As I focused, I noticed  a new episode of Oprah Wimfrey was on the T.V.  

Now typically, I have never been interested in listening to the Oprah Show.  But her words resonated with me so much that I had wanted to share them with others. 

" Inspiring words to live by." 
 I don't think anyone else could have said them any better.

Thoughts to remember- (Not all of these are from Oprah.  I have added some that I have heard and read from others who have similar views.)

"We are co-creating with God!" We are not alone!  Our will is actually God's will.  Our lives are actually God's lives.   Surrender to God's will. We always have God with us, that spark of Holiness in us to lean on in hard times, when we feel overwhelmed, lost or confused.  God is also there to guide us.  When we feel feelings of joy and excitement about something, God wants us  us to try it.  His way of letting us know what he knows we would like.  If we feel oppressed, negative, and down, take a look at what you're doing in life.  Maybe we need to let go of our "high status" jobs and take a less stressful one.  Or maybe it's time to end a relationship.

Taking small steps towards letting go of our negative thoughts, our negative words, our negative actions will reward us with feeling more positive and having rewarding experiences.  Focusing on negative thoughts only brings in more negative experiences!  That would include worrying.  Only brings in more negative experiences.

Try using forgiveness, compassion, and  tolerance towards others when they falter.  

Understanding "death"
 Death is happening to us every day, every month, every year.  We change our life's roles from baby to child.  We experience a death to our baby role, while moving forward into a new role=child.  
We change from being a child to an adult.  We experience death to our child role and grow by moving forward into an adult role. 
As adults we move from young adults to middle aged adults.  Women and men losing the ability to reproduce.
 We experience death with careers, experiences in life, people, and nature.  Nothing stands still.   Neither should you.  Surrender to death whether it's our bodies changing in life, changing careers, changing roles, or change due to  lose in life.   Have courage to move forward into a new experience, new role, etc.

I would like to add how important it is to be in the "present moment" as much as possible.  Our lives are not in the past or the future.  We live in the present moment.  For me, this has been joyful to be able to keep myself in the present moment.  When you're in the past or the future, you will feel  negative energy affecting you.  You're not in your body.  Your consciousness is not in your body, it's in the future or the past.  Being in the present moment has allowed me to feel others' energy come to me. If I wasn't present, I would soak up others' negative energy, like a sponge not realizing that it was not mine due to my consciousness being some place else-past/future.  My mood would change to a negative one.  By being present, I can feel the emotions and release them.  By being present, I recognize the emotions as not mine.

Here is the link to Opray's Inspirational Words.   

1. "The  Empath Evolutionally Summit” Grandmother Moetu-Taiha Ransfield
2.  "Inspiring Words from Oprah Winfrey"/Youtube
3.  "A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Written on 5-2019, re-written on May 3, 2020.

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April 11, 2020

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