What the Heck is a Chakra?

"What the heck is a chakra?
I know I had that same question many years ago when I first started to read spiritual writings.

Chakra is pronounced like chocolate with a "kra at the end.  But with a "sh" at the beginning instead of "ch".  Chakras, to my understanding, are energy circles that are located all over your body.  Most people can't see them.  You can feel them if you are energy sensitive.

 The main ones are located vertically in the physical body starting from between the Anus/Pubic bone and running up to the crown of the head.
Each chakra penetrates your body,  exiting out of the back of the body as individual charkas.
The chakras are data banks of information of yourself.  These data banks are information of all of your experiences & how you reacted to your experiences throughout life.  They are storehouses of information.
Example would be the Root chakra.  The Root chakra holds information about how secure you are with money issues & physical life survival in life.
The Throat chakra is related to communication.  The Throat chakra may hold information regarding  how you speak up for yourself in life.

The main chakra names are associated with where they are located on the physical body.

Root chakra-located between the Anus and the Pubic bone.  It is associated with the color red.
It is blocked by holding on to "fear".  These are our fears in the physical world in regards to our survival.  Associated with black and red stones-Garnets, Black Tourmaline, etc.

Sacral or Sexual/Creative chakra-located at the Sacral region.  The lower abdomen.  It is associated with the color orange.  It is blocked by you holding on to "guilt".  The question to ask yourself would be, "What am I feeling guilty about?" Things happen in life, forgive yourself.  This chakra has to do with our creative & sexual energies, and family bonds.  Associated with orange stones-Carnelian.

Solar Plexus chakra- located at the gut (stomach region) about 2-3 inches above the navel.  It is associated with the color yellow/gold.  It is blocked by "shame".  What are your disappointments in yourself?  This chakra has to do with our own will power/standing up in your power. Associated with golden stones such as Citrine.

Heart chakra-located in-between the breasts.   Heart chakra region.  It is associated with the color of pink & green.  It is blocked by you holding on to "grief".  Love stays in your heart.  When we have a loss, that love is reborn again.  This chakra has to do with "Love yourself and Love others."  Associated with pink and green stones, such as Pink Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline.

Throat chakra-Is located at the base of our throats.  It is associated with the color of Sky blue.  It is blocked by you telling lies to yourself.  This chakra has to do with communication.  Associated with light blue stones such as Blue Chalcedony.

Third Eye chakra-Is located between your eyebrows on your forehead.  It is associated with the colors Lapis lazuli blue and Purple.  It is blocked by illusions in life.  One such illusion is "fear".  Another one would be "of separation".  This chakra is associated with "Insight".  This chakra is related to the mind.  Stone associated with this chakra would be Lapis Lazuli.

Crown chakra-Is located on top of the head.  It is associated with the colors purple and white.  It is blocked by "earthly attachments".  What are you attached to in life?  Your family, your house, your lover, etc.  This chakra is related to Cosmic energy.  Stones associated with this chakra are Amethyst, Selenite, etc.

The stones and colors associated with each chakra have the ability to help you balance that particular chakra.  When we have balanced chakras, our whole being is in harmony.  When we have blocked chakras, we have blocked energy flow in our energy bodies.  Much like our blood circulation, our energy circulation is also important for whole health.

To help you even more, I highly recommend receiving energy healing.
When I first started receiving Reiki sessions, I had no idea about our energy systems.  I was totally unaware.  But receiving Reiki sessions has been very beneficial for me to stay more balanced while walking my path in life.  Receiving Reiki has helped me see what areas in life I had been holding on to instead of letting them go.  I was able to see what I needed to heal in  myself.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC

"The Chakra Handbook" by Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski
"The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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April 11, 2020
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