No Time for Exercising?


Exercise is good for us!  It keeps us limber, feel good hormones are released, and we feel good to be in a body that we manage well.

At times, we all say, "I don't have time to exercise!"  (Me included).  

Well when I'm in a time crunch, I will use my kitchen for multiple uses, including exercising.  

What???  While I cook/bake my supper, I at times have used my kitchen to exercise.  Sounds gross?  Na.

While we cook/bake our meals, there is at times a lag time between steps in preparing our foods.  

And so for example, while I was waiting for my microwave to thaw out my meat, I had time to just stand around. And so needing to exercise, I decided to weight train and do some isometric exercises.

 I went  into my pantry and searched out what I could use that would act like a weight for some weight training.  I  definitely will not use my Stainless steel pans or any Aluminum.  Too light in weight.  I also will look at the handle for a easy, sturdy grip.  I do not want to accidentally drop my heavy item onto my Ceramic flooring!   Broken tiles- not in my story.

Searching through my canned goods, I will not use my 15 oz can of Fruit Cocktail.  Too light in weight. 

I ended up using my Cast iron griddle for my leg lifts and Triceps. 

I used a 46 oz  plastic container of Apple sauce for my Bicep work.  I  had a  Musselman's Apple sauce which has  a easy handle to grip on to.

I realize these aren't as heavy of weights as maybe an authentic weight that we buy, but when we don't have the money or if we're in a pinch, they work!  Just do more repetitions.

I've been laid-up with a leg and foot injury and so I wanted exercises that didn't re-injure my leg.

I did 3 repetitions of each exercise with 15-30 count.

With my Cast iron griddle, I held it on top of my outer, side of my thigh while I 

 lifted my leg, keeping my leg straight.  This was working the outer thigh muscles. (notice photo).

With my Cast iron griddle, I held it on the top, front of my thigh.     


I kept my leg bent at the knee at a 90 degree angle while lifting the thigh up and down.  I was balancing on one leg to do this.

To exercise the back of my thighs, I simply bent over at the waist.  I placed the griddle on the back part of my thigh.   I kept my leg bent at a 90 degree angle.  I gently and slowly lifted my thigh up as much as I could go without arching my back.  I did these gentle movements for the 3 repetitions.

Now for the Triceps.  I held the Cast iron pan with two hands behind my back, letting the pan dangle down from my head-neck region to my upper back.  (I was performing a Dumbbell French press).  I gently lifted the griddle up and down behind me, being careful not to clunk myself in the head.

To do my Biceps, I simply changed out my weight.  I grabbed my Musselman's Apple sauce.  



I lifted the apple sauce, bending at my elbow, but keeping my arm close to my side.

I used this same weight for my above Head lifts.  

I also used it for  lifting my arm from it's side to being 90 degrees from my body.

All these exercises weren't done all at once.  Whenever I had some down time, I took advantage of it by doing another set of my exercises.

After you're done, don't forget to stretch a bit.

WE DID IT!  We managed to find time to fit in some exercise.  Weight lifting and isometric exercises are great to build muscle.  When our muscles are in tone & strong, we burn off calories and we are less likely to get injured.

Staying healthy at times needs a little imagination.  Staying healthy is keeping our minds, bodies, and spirit balanced and strong.

My next article will be about my injured leg/foot and how Reiki healing was used with it.  Stay tuned!

by Cynthia Bergsbaken  9/11/2020 of Reiki in the Prairie LLC



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