Take Good Care of Yourself!


Take good care of yourself!  Self-care is self-love.  

Taking good care of ourselves is taking care of our Physical body, our minds (Emotional bodies), and our Spiritual body.

Taking time to exercise, meditate, eating healthy (being picky on the quality), self-evaluation when we are triggered, and using some form of energy healing.

Energy healing breaks apart our energy blockages, allowing our energy to flow freely like it is meant to.  

Really similar scenario to our  Circulation system.  In the Circulation system, we are meant to have free flowing blood to nourish our physical bodies.  

We are all made of electromagnetic energy that surrounds us and is bound to us.  If we create a blockage from our emotions, which happens often, our energy will no longer be able to flow freely.  Thus, dis-ease occurs in the energy field.  If left blocked, it will sooner or later filter down to our Physical bodies, showing up as a disease or other ailment.  All dis-ease occurs first in your energy system.  

It is said at the end of our physical lives, we are able to see what we did to ourselves.  Looking at all the physical/mental problems created by our own emotions/thoughts/beliefs.

Take good care of yourself!

It's wise to be proactive with your health.  Waiting until there are problems is not the wisest choice.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken, 9-11-2020

for Reiki in the Prairie LLC


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