Abuse is Never O.K.


If you have been abused or are being abused, please reach out for help.

Please contact your Family physician, a School counselor, or mental health professional or any other person that can assist you.

Abuse will live on in you as a "highly charged scar".  And so the person lives the experience over and over again throughout their life, unless they heal it.  Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves.  You are the only one  in charge of your "inner healing."

Reiki services can and will help.  Reiki breaks apart the "stuck emotions" (hurts).  By breaking this up, the "hurts" are brought up to the surface of you- allowing you to re-experience it, feel it and heal it by letting it go.  Thus Reiki service helps you re-align yourself to be whole again.

But if you're working with a Medical doctor or need to work with a Medical doctor, please talk this over with your Medical doctor first before receiving Reiki services.  Reiki is always good, but there are times we need to first "stabilize" our emotions first.

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April 11, 2020
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