Make Love- No War


"Make love to yourself and stop the war!"

What I'm I talking about?

The other morning, I was listening to YouTube music.  When I finished listening to Jason Mraz's song, "Look for the Good" another one of his songs came up, "Make Love".  

Make Love  by Jason Mraz

"Make Love video created by Cynthia Bergsbaken.  (Due to copyright laws, I was not able to add the song to this video.  But if you play the song at the same time while watching the video, it may be still enjoyable.)

I had never heard this song before and so I listened with a curious mind.  The more I listened to this song, the more I felt like dancing with the words and tune stuck in my head.  The message was and is pretty awesome, like many of Mr. Mraz's songs.

The song asks people to "make love to ourselves and to the world instead of war."  

If you think about this, the song talks about us-people/ emotional energy.

How so???  If you are able to detach from your own emotions, just watch them instead of acting them out, you'll be able to start to understand, "We are not Our Emotions."  They come to us, depending on your beliefs, how you were brought up and thoughts.  

When we are hurt in some way, typically from our childhood (whether from the authority figures in our lives, family, or friends) we carry this "emotional pain" inside of us.  We may carry it in our cells of our bodies.  We may carry it in just our energy.  This is what we call "Stuck energy".  This highly charged stuck emotional energy, if left, will continue to cause the person pain throughout life.  People tend to use these "hurts" from childhood to wound not only others, but  themselves as well.

So, when a person acts in a negative way, they share with you their hurt that lives inside of them.  They share with you, what they do to themselves as well as others.  And if a person follows the pain, they find out it was all about wanting love.

If an experience comes to the person that carries the emotional pain, (these experiences will always come to help us heal it) it will cause the person to be "triggered".  They will follow their emotions, acting them out, whether just in their head or out in the physical and/or unseen worlds.  

When we see someone act out in a negative way, we see their pain they have inside of them.  

For example, 

You decide to have a party.  You invite many prestigious people because you want to be "connected" to this group of people for work.  You decide not to invite your close friend, because he doesn't quite fit the mold of this group of people.  The friend finds out.

  The friend, when a young child, was not invited to his best friend's birthday party.  He stuffed the hurt feelings down inside of him.  

One of the Prestigious group mentions the party in day-to-day talk with the close friend.  The close friend feels the deep "hurt" from childhood all over again. He feels:  hurt, left out, overwhelmed, unworthy, dum, unloved, singled out, and alone. Just like what he felt as a child, but now it has grown stronger feeling due to holding them in. 

 Without realizing what he felt and why, he acts out.  He calls his  friend who did not invite him to this party with Prestigious people and told him off with very, very harsh language. In fact, he told his close friend to "go to hel.."

Ouch!  A friendship dissolved due to "making a mistake", lack of empathy,  and un-resolved childhood hurt feelings.

Our inner-child (you as a young child, that still lives inside of you.  Also known as our Divine selves) is the most important aspect in this world to each of us.  That inner-child needs your "love, kindness,  understanding, respect, and assistance."  If our inner-child is not helped to heal, our inner-child will run our lives as that "hurt-child" years ago.

Many of us in the world are walking around with this "hurt-child" running our lives!

From an energy point of view, when a person acts out, whether in the physical world or in the un-seen world (thoughts and spiritual world) , they are sharing their hurts that are  needed to be realized and healed  in this life.  They are sharing their energy contents.

When we act out, we have been triggered by an unrealized hurt we received.  These emotions are stuck in your energy field and possibly your physical body.  

When someone is acting-out to someone else, and that other person looks at them and thinks this person is a "jerk ".  The viewer of the "acting-out" can stop to look within themselves for a similar type of hurt.  What we see from others in this life, is what we also have in us!

If we find/view someone else judging people or experiences, we must look within ourselves to see if we too have had experiences of judging someone or experiences also.  We need to also look inside ourselves and heal the hurt that was shown to us.

So back to the song.  If we can start to notice when we are triggered, we can start to analyze our own inner hurts and heal them.  Thus, like the song, "put down  the weapons that you use upon yourself" means to me, when you can stop "beating yourself up"/ hurting yourself with old hurtful words/experiences,  you can start to heal that inner hurt.  Thus when we can start to heal ourselves from emotional hurts, we start to take care of ourselves with kindness, love, and respect.

We show self-love to our inner-selves, to ourselves!

"Make love to yourself and others, no war!"  Instead of finding fault with yourself or others, it is wise to look inside of ourselves for the "inner hurts" our inner-child may hold. Use what you have been shown to gain back your power within.   Instead of finding fault with our-selves and others, use others' bad behavior to trigger you to ask  yourself the question, "Do I  have that hurt inside of me also?"

And if the answer is "yes", take time to feel what you experienced and "accept" it for what it was.  A experience that was meant to help you in some way to become stronger and more loving.

I will end this with sharing Mr. Jason Mraz's song and a tip.  Receiving Reiki service helps us to break apart these stuck emotional hurts.  Don't you think it's time that you "love yourself and others and stop the war that goes on inside of YOU?"

"Make Love" by Jason Mraz.   

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken for Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 9, 2021

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