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Earthing/grounding are beneficial to us.  They help us to reconnect and realign our energy to Earth's energy.  The Earth has a infinite amount of free electrons.  When we connect to Earth in Grounding/Earthing, there are naturally  free flowing electrons passing between us and Earth.  This "flow" helps us to release what isn't good for us-inflammation.

Earthing is walking/laying/sitting on the bare ground, reconnecting your bodies energy to Earth.

Grounding is a broader word describing the above and other ways to ground yourself to Earth.

When we ground ourselves to Earth, we connect our own energy to Earth's energy.  Thus when we do this, we can release negative energies from our own energy to Earth.  Earth's energy is able to take this negative energy and transmute it to positive energy.

I've been Earthing and Grounding for years now.  If I don't ground myself, I become more stagnant, light headed, off feeling, and negative.  

When I go Earthing, walk barefooted outside, I feel more alive/happy.

When I Earth, I'm out in nature, enjoying the beautiful sensations-sounds, feelings, smells, etc.

Just being in nature is highly positive.  But being in nature and Earthing is a wonderful feeling.

To learn how to Ground yourself, follow this link to "Grounding"

Here I'll share a movie that I've watched from YouTube.  This movie is an awesome documentary on 

"Earthing".  This movie can give you some scientific evidence behind the positive feelings and possible inflammation release  one gets from Earthing.

"The Earthing movie"  Follow this link to YouTube

Taking time to ground yourself everyday is significant. 

Grounding may take as little as 30 seconds.

Taking time to Earth everyday is also significant and can be as little as 1 minute a day.  

So what is stopping you from doing these beneficial practices??? 

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