Puzzle Pieces


When looking at our present life's experiences, we truly do not have all the facts.  Our vision is clouded.

Life's experiences remind me of a puzzle.  At any given time, we only have but one piece of the puzzle out of maybe 10,000 pieces!  The only one who truly has all the puzzle pieces in view is God.  We are given just one puzzle piece at a time.   We are not able to see all the pieces (facts) all at once to fit together.  Each life's experience has many facts related to it.  We only have that one fact in front of us and no other to view.

When we have experiences in life, some may feel like bad experiences.  These experiences may include people:  relatives, families, friends, and strangers.  We might have people behaving badly towards us, making us feel angry, sad, grief, hurt, or like a victim.  It is at these times; we are told to forgive and find compassion.  But we feel like the other "wronged" us, so why?

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April 11, 2020

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