With All the Hustle and Bustle, How Can I Stay Positive?


The Holidays can really be hard and hectic on people.  It is hard to stay happy and positive.  Here are several ways I use to stay positive while shopping or at parties or just at home.

  • Rose Water; Spray Rose water on yourself after your shower.  Spray it on yourself when you’re taking a minute break in the rest room.  Spray it on yourself in place of heavy, artificial fragrances.  The Rose water is light, but it has a wonderful effect on your whole body.  It calms, relaxes, and makes you feel joy. Diluted rose essential oil can also help as well. Try placing undiluted rose essential oil on a tissue and keep in a plastic bag. When you feel negative, open the bag and breathe in several times. Notice you feel more relaxed and happy! 
  • When around other people, you will tend to see dramas unfold!  Respectfully ignore the drama.  Walk away from it.  By not taking the time and energy to watch someone else's negative drama, you give yourself permission to seek more positive energy of seeing and doing what pleases you.  By walking away, you do not soak in the negative energy.  What we see and experience, we keep in our subconscious minds.

-Continued- The rest of this article has been placed in my newest eBook, "Memoirs of a Spiritual Healer" located on Google Play Books and Amazon.

**This article has been placed in my newest eBook called, "Memoirs of a Spiritual Healer," located on Google Play books and Amazon.

Memoirs of a Spiritual Healer
An Inspiring Self-Help Book 1

by Cynthia Bergsbaken

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April 11, 2020

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