Reiki and Our Energy Systems


Reiki and Our Energy Systems

To understand how Reiki works, we must learn about our energy systems.  We all have an auric field and chakras.

The aura resembles an egg that circles around us.

The aura is made up of layers of "bodies".  Each body does a different job.  I will talk about four main layers.
The Etheric body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, and the Spiritual body.
The Etheric body is a 2-inch-thick layer of vital energy or also known as "Life Force" energy, Prana, and/or Chi.  (Depending on your culture, the name is different).  This layer of Life Force energy acts as a protective barrier against all external materials that could harm us.  (Bacteria, harmful energy, etc.)
The   Emotional body is the next layer.
This layer carries all our emotions, feelings, and character traits.
Our emotions we experience, are reflected into our Emotional bodies.  These reflected emotions are projected out to others through our chakras and pores.  And so, if you sense someone is sad, you would be taking in their projected energy of sadness into your own chakras and reading the energetic information as "sadness".
The Mental body consists of our ideas, rational perceptions, intuitive perceptions, and our thoughts.  We take in information through our chakras.  Then it is passed through our Emotional bodies and sent to the Mental body.  These perceptions are regarding your physical well-being and concerns regarding our world.

The Spiritual body is the level that is the immortal part of us.  We experience the highest level of vibration from the spiritual level of being.  This energy streams into us flowing into the Mental bodies, the Emotional bodies, and the Etheric bodies.   This body gives us the experience of inner unity with all life.  It connects us to pure Divine Being. Only through our Spiritual bodies is it possible to recognize the source and goal of our being and the purpose of our lives.  We gain wisdom, power, bliss, and unconditional love when we open to our Spiritual body.

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