What You Sat About Yourself

 I recently was at a social gathering.  It was a beautiful day outside with a large amount of people showing up for this event.  I walked in, observing all the faces I recognized from another time in my life.  I was feeling joyful to experience their presence again, after so many years of not seeing them.  Many of the faces had been changed from time and life events.  As I made my presence known to the ones I knew, I realized some of these people were not as joyful as I once saw them as.  At first, I felt a little saddened by this, like it had something to do with me.  But then I realized this has nothing to do with me.

 You see, everyone in life projects and owns their own emotional energy.  If there are emotional hurts that never were healed, these hurts are stored in the emotional body.

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April 11, 2020

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