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I absolutely love this quote from Lao Tzu. I totally agree with his words.

There are many people in the world who feel that the world is full of hate, crime, jealousy, greed -darkness.  And then there are people who don't have these feelings at all.
We are human and emotions come to us, whether they are ours or someone else.  Sensitive people, like myself, are able to feel the negative vibes come to us from people who are projecting their inner emotions of disapproval and aggression to us.

The negative emotions that come to me  from other people's thoughts, shows me what their inner worlds are like.   Having critical, negative thoughts of someone will always be delivered to them, whether they realize it or not.  These negative thoughts don't define who I am, but they do define who projected them to me.

It's always hard to receive disapproving thoughts or rejection, especially from the ones we love.     Understanding  negative energy (emotions) that comes our way from others' is always what is going on inside of them.   I just triggered their negative emotions that already resided inside of them. Hopefully, they will see this and start to heal their inner worlds of emotions.

When I receive the emotion of  jealousy from someone through thoughts, I'd feel this energy in my Heart chakra, or Stomach chakra  as a strong, heavy, acidic-burning feeling.   This leaves a really bad, negative taste in my mouth.  Imagine  acid-burning in your heart area!
Hate comes to me, feeling like a heavy, thick, acidic, black blanket.

Realize all of these emotions that you send off to other people by way of your negative thoughts about them, will come back to you stronger. Your corresponding chakra will start to accumulate this negative energy, causing what we call in energy medicine as "dis-ease."  We own all our thoughts, actions, and words  whether positive or negative.  Each negative thought, action, word is recorded and will start to accumulate in your emotional body.  Soon, the corresponding chakra will become clogged.  No flow of your vital energy (Chi/Prana)  means disease will start to form in the physical body corresponding to the chakra that is clogged.

My honest opinion is if you have some issue with someone, go and talk to them. Don't let it fester in your mind.  Most people don't have clue about what they "supposedly" did wrong.  Many times, we walk over someone else's "rules" or personal boundaries causing some issue with them.  Rules are not the same as Personal boundaries.  Rules are made by people who like to "control".  Personal boundaries are energetic/emotional  boundaries that we need to have in place to keep ourselves happy and harmonious.

We all have different beliefs due to our upbringing, parents, teachers and environments. Because everyone is different from everyone else, there will be issues at times.  Talk respectively and non-reactivate with them to clear the issue.  In the universe, there will be stars colliding at times.  This is just natural.

It is said, towards the end of our lives, we can look at our bodies to see what we did to ourselves, the damage.  All the clogged chakras that lost their energy flow due to our thoughts, emotions, actions, and words have caused disease and inflammation.  So when we look at our physical bodies, we will see what damage we have done to ourselves.  No one else is able to do this to you-it's all you, your perceptions of situations.

It's time to look at ourselves and see how we act in different situations.  Notice your own behavior and not others'.  Change your negative behavior,  thoughts, words, and actions, you'll change your inner world.  Change your inner world, you'll change your outer world.  Change your own world, you will help to change others' worlds.  Changing your inner world acts like a domino effect in the world of people.  It continues on from you to the next person.  If you decide to not change your own inner world of darkness, you will not be able to change the world that surrounds you.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Written for  The Perceptive Blogger April 11, 2019

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April 11, 2020
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Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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