Garden Spider by Cynthia Bergsbaken Photography

Have you ever read the book titled “Charlotte’s Web” by E. B. White?  I remember in second grade, our teacher took time every day to read us this story.  It’s about a pig and a spider that become best friends.  The spider helps the pig escape his fate of being slaughtered.  Throughout helping Wilber, the pig, the spider mother was guarding her egg sack, waiting to die.  The story made a big impact on me. 
Well, a couple of summers ago, I had the blessing of watching a large mother spider live her life.

At first, I was, “yuk” a huge spider.  But as I watched her form a spider web in my basement window well, I was curious.  The spider picked a corner of my window-well to create her life.  She spun her web and each day she waited for food to fly in to it.  As the summer grew warmer, I noticed a large, dark tan colored sack sitting in the middle of her web.  As I looked closer, I realized she was soon to be a mother.  

Each day she stood close to the cottony looking bag.  She sat in the hot sun, guarding the sack.  She sat through heavy rain storms watching over her family.  Each night she remained close to guard it from any intruders.  As she guarded her family, I noticed she was becoming thinner.  She did not eat or move while guarding her soon to be children.  

Then one day, as in Charlotte’s Web, she fell and died.  She never did see her children being born.  The egg sack, soon after her death, broke open allowing many baby spiders to crawl off in to the wilderness to follow in their mother’s footsteps.

As with people, we see animals and other creatures demonstrate love-love for their family- their children.  They also sacrifice themselves for their children.  The love of a parent! 

Next time you see a spider, a little critter, or a plant, remember that they too feel and love.  People are not the only ones who feel & love each other.   
Take time to observe nature and find the beauty in it.
Take time to show and share your love to the ones in your life that you love.  Take time to show and share love to those that love you.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Written for The Perceptive Blogger
Feb. 5, 2019

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