Cosmetics; Health Benefit or Detrimental to Health

Have you ever wondered how healthy the cosmetics you’re using are?  I’m all for looking my best, but also with healthy products.  I strongly believe in preventative measures in staying healthy.

Our skin is our largest organ.  Whatever we place on our skin or around our eyes, lips, etc., ends up in our bodies.
Many chemicals that are used in the cosmetic industry are toxic to us.  Many of the chemicals will not show their toxic effects on us until years later.  Using healthy products now is like saving money in the bank for the future.  To live life without many cares or any concerns in the future is what we want to aim for.  It is much easier to watch product ingredients we use today compared to living a life later in pain and much suffering.

Healthy cosmetics also can give you the look you’re looking for with “health benefits”.
Some ingredients I look out for that are toxic:

1.      Mineral oil.  -Known to dry out your skin instead of moisturizing it.

2.     Parabens -Known to lower your immune system. 
Who wants to use products that will make you more apt to pickup bacterial, fungi, or viral infections?

3.      Nano Zinc Oxide - Nano particles are so tiny (microscopic) it is said they can easily be absorbed in to your blood stream and through-out your body.  I know I wasn’t looking for sun protection inside of my body!

4.     Petrolatum & Petroleum-Known source is petroleum.  So you’re actually placing decayed (toxic) plant and organisms on yourself!  To give you an analogy, try picturing the decayed algae matter in a pond in late summer and smearing it all over your body!  

5.     Ammonium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate-
Known as strong/harsh detergents found in shampoos, tooth paste and other cosmetics.  They cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. 

“A CIR report concluded that both detergents are safe to use, but only in dis-continuous and brief use and thoroughly rinsing.” 
     *source from

How many people use shampoos, tooth paste, and body washes everyday with one of these ingredients?  They were designed for occasional, brief uses and not on continues use at high concentrations. 

How many of you have had an itchy scalp off and on?  Wondering why? And then going to the store and buying an even harsher shampoo thinking it would clear up itchy scalp?   One of these two ingredients may be the culprit.

There are people who have a sulfate sensitivity.  These are the people who have intolerance to eating dried fruits with sulfates, wines that contain sulfate, and those who can’t take Sulfa drug.

There are many toxic chemicals we use everyday that are in our cosmetics.  Here are some sites that lists many of them and describing how they are toxic to your body. The first site you can look up the product you’re using.  It will state what is toxic in that product.

It is wise and responsible for us to look at the ingredients of our cosmetics we use.  Compare to a list that states what is toxic.  How many toxic ingredients make up your mascara,  shampoo, foundation, or  your face lotion? Etc.

I try to:

A).  Make some of my own makeup, lotions, shampoo, suntan lotion, etc.  Lookup DIY articles on how to do this.  Some links:


               There are many more Youtube videos and articles out there.
               B). Buy a Book.  The book I have enjoyed is called, “Anti-Wrinkle
                     Treatments for Perfect Skin.”  By Pierre Jean Cousin.
               C).  Go to internet sites that sell the basic ingredients to make your own. 
               Many of these sites also have recipes to follow.  Two of my
               Favorite sites to do this:

2.  If I'm not interested in making my own cosmetics I find healthy cosmetics that are sold by a company.  My favorite two sites are:

Look around.  I’m sure there are other companies that also make healthy cosmetics.
The two I picked out are making their products with fruits and other natural ingredients.  They contain no toxic chemicals!  Not only are these products healthy to use, but they will help heal and maintain your skin/body in good health.

Using cosmetics does not have to take away your health or beauty.  Just being aware of what ingredients are toxic, you can steer clear of  products that are toxic to your well-being-your health.

Here’s to putting money in the bank for your future-your well-being in older age.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Written for The Perceptive Blogger

January 8, 2019

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