My Legacy in Life

By Cynthia Bergsbaken Photography.

As we get older, we start thinking of, “If I was to die tomorrow, how will people remember me?” 
What do we have to show that we were living here on Earth? Good question. 
Then we start to think of our lives, thinking of  the past and looking at everything we have done. 
Did I do exactly what I had wanted to do in this life? Will I be known for what I created? Or will people and family not even know the real me and what I had done in life. 
At this point, I had decided to write a book on my life. It would include only the positive, happy parts of my life, showing the kids all my experiences I went through. I placed this on my goal list to work on every week.
 But then after a month  of thinking of this, writing some of it down, I realized maybe this isn’t what I had wanted to do. I found myself procrastinating  writing it.
Just this morning, I was still thinking of “what my legacy would be”. I had my inner voice come to me and suggest it would be “kindness”. This was really a nice idea, but I really wanted something more personalized to me. 
Then I heard my inner voice suggest my Reiki business. Now this was a nice thought. This was also  very personalized to me, because I’m the one who created this business- all aspects of it. I’m the one who runs it, helping people become empowered in life again. 
Then I was thinking, after I die, my business will probably be shut down due to no one in my family being a Reiki practitioner. 
My inner voice spoke up to me suggesting to me not to worry. I already have my legacy, it is my children.
 I co-created with my husband and God to create two beautiful, intelligent,  kind children who have their hearts full of love. They have memories and experiences that we have shared in life that will be remembered with much love.
As I thought of all this, I thought up a story that really shares this idea.

The Sunflower
In life, we find experiences that fill our hearts with joy and love. 
Gardening is a joy in my life, as long as I don’t have to weed gardens full of Thistle weed every week. 
Life is like watching a Sunflower grow.
 We plant the seed and we give it water and nurturing. The plant grows strong and fast.
 The problem is, some of the seeds will not survive.
 Some seeds are planted in too shallow of dirt. The roots are not able to penetrate the soil well enough to continue growing in times of drought. These plants will die early in life. 
Then there are the seeds that are planted in good soil, but are not able to grow fast enough . These plants are overtaken with weeds. The weeds are aggressive, choking out the sunflower plants still young in growth. These plants also die early in life.
 But then there are a few seeds that are planted in good soil and are able to grow without the weeds choking them out. These plants will grow to their maturity, showing their own glory and light to the earth. 
These plants stand strong with beauty and grace, emanating their light from their single being. These are the seeds that are here on Earth to bring the rest of us in to God’s love and light. 
They show us the way to our own highest light paths. They act as guiding stars to us, while we travel in the middle of a dark night. 
Then, like all others, these sunflowers will also die. But they die with no fear. For they have produced, in all of their glory, seeds, positive seeds that have been left behind to start the process of life all over again. 
For this is the sunflower’s legacy in life.
Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Written for The Perceptive Blogger


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